Why Epoxy?

Why Do We Use Epoxy and Not a Poly System?


There are many answers to that most frequently asked question. The answer is complex, but always look for the facts. We look at durability, resistance to chemicals, life of the products used, application and applicator, floor preparation, and the history of the concrete.


Our Professionals prefer Epoxy. Epoxy is a thick substance that requires a hardener to activate. With proper preparation of the floor, epoxy penetrates deep into whatever surface you are working with and forms a bond with it. This makes epoxy resistant to many chemical spills including gasoline and oil and resistant to peeling and flaking. Epoxy Flooring Pros use a three-part system which includes an epoxy primer, flake, and Polyaspartic topcoat. Depending on the preferred look for your finished floor, we are able to do moisture vapor barrier primers (recommended in low areas and for concrete with existing spalling and cracking), or a skim coat to help mediate an uneven or imperfect floor, as well as additional topcoats for smooth finishes. We prefer a Polyaspartic topcoat to prevent the epoxy from fading, discoloring or yellowing due to UV exposure. Polyaspartic topcoats are durable and chemical resistant as well, so you get double the protection for your floor.

We encourage you to call our Pros if you have any questions about the state of your concrete, design, commercial or industrial spaces, or about the products that we use. Give the Epoxy Flooring Pros a call to schedule your free on-site estimate today! Now serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois counties.